Top performance in
challenging times

There could not be a better time to report on impressive construction achievements. Projects that involve many companies working together to define and ultimately overcome a whole host of challenges. LIFT 109 at Battersea power station is an impressive example of such an undertaking.

Competence, creativity and state-of-the-art technology make such construction projects an obvious success. A success for a lift construction that has become an attraction for many enthusiastic visitors. In our report feature, we take a deep dive into the technical processes that made LIFT 109 possible.

Admittedly, economic and geopolitical conditions have seen better days. The industry faces challenging tasks. And yet it knows how to confirm its strengths time and again. Not only through the aforementioned construction projects. But also through constant further developments, driven by research and innovation.

At the last interlift in Augsburg, we enjoyed listening to Professor Dominik Boesl talk about precisely these future scenarios at the VFA Forum. In our report highlight, the robotics and AI expert takes us on a journey to Generation R. Our article helps to put potential concerns about the digital upheaval into perspective and motivates us to build positive excitement for the coming years. Because we can rely on the industry.

Carsten Gritzan