50 years – A common thread of trust and competence

To research our anniversary issue, we looked deep into the archives and brought the first issue of liftreport back to light after fifty years. Even though we prefer to look resolutely to the future, we can’t help but feel a certain nostalgic respect as we look back. A refreshing honesty and commercial determination, focused on uniting the elevator industry. Politely, mind you.

Today, we would speak of the “old school” that displays this respectful matter-of-factness that begs to be a part of this new elevator organ. The first trade magazine for a special branch of industry with all its offshoots. The publishers and editors at the time certainly could not have imagined that fifty years later their vision would be successfully continued in the magazine and new concepts.

In 1974, our magazine still looked different. Even the elevators were generally different. A lot of responsible hands have touched, designed and developed our editorial team and your companies and businesses. And yet we are still in contact. Whether in business relationships or as partners in projects that want to make a difference beyond these pages. And perhaps not only upwards or downwards, but also to the side.

Our editorial team and the publishing house would like to thank you and look forward to many more years of hard work and success, shoulder to shoulder with the elevator industry.

Carsten Gritzan