What is there to say or write in a pre-Christmas editorial in this period of crisis

After about two years of pandemic, the past year was marked by something one may call a normalization of both private and working lives. In the past few months some successful events took place with mostly less participants than in the times „before Corona“. But the stream of bad news has not ended in 2022. Since February a war is under way near Eastern Europe and one had to deal with the sad realities no one ever thought they would be possible. 

The massive supply chain problems called for a lot of flexibility and the high energy cost which are rising since 2021 are hindering us in all areas of life. For many of us uncertainties and an existential fear are the inevitable consequences. And now the Christmas Season is coming. 

Although the world has revealed some very unexpected weak points last year, the Advent is a time we should use to look ahead with confidence. We should accept the holiday as a time of reflection and brotherly love. Normality usually sounds boring and is not included among the usual objectives. But the current times are different so that the entire Lift-Report Team is explicitly wishing you an absolutely normal New Year 2023.

Ulrike Götz