Pandemic, lockdowns and war – what about the supply chains?

During this year’s interlift it became clear that the disrupted supply chains affect all sectors of the lift industry and cause serious problems to all companies involved. In the past two years the pandemic with its lockdowns already gave rise to substantial supply chain difficulties, a situation still aggravated by the war in the Ukraine.

Gone are the days in which one could order adequate numbers of chips and electronic components from manufacturers. In 2022 companies must to a certain extent buy at auctions the required quantities in small lots on private platforms.

The high energy costs, too, cause additional problems. Although we currently have no supply problem but „merely“ a price problem, the consequences are already dramatic especially for energy-intensive production processes common in foundries or brickworks which had to close for several weeks because customers could no longer bear the current price increases.

It is possible that a lot of manufacturers will abandon the just-in-time principle. The trend will more and more go to supplementary storage space and to a steady supply for production processes. This allows supply problems to be checked more easily without risking setbacks in the overall production. But this will also end up in higher costs and an increased space requirement.

Ulrike Götz

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