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Zagro AG introduces the door drives developed with Computec

Founded in 1987 in Uitikon/Zurich, Switzerland, Zagro AG trades all kinds of products, in particular technical consumer and capital goods, sales marketing and product development, as well as development of commercial transactions and production orders.


In the context of this activity Zagro AG performed the following tasks:

  • Sales marketing and product development (ELMO sub-oil motors from Pavia Italy and Settima screw pumps from Piacenza Italy for units for hydraulic elevators worldwide   with approx. 50% market share)
  • Trade of elevator components worldwide, such as spare parts, doors, cabins, drives, Marazzi rails, etc.
  • Development of production orders
  • Development of commercial transactions (Vertima GmbH etc.)
  • For this it is necessary to travel often abroad to visit customers and suppliers
  • Marketing support in different languages
  • Zagro exhibition stands abroad (China, India, Russia, Brazil, Turkey, etc.) and presence at trade fairs worldwide (Augsburg, Hanover, London, Istanbul, Kielce, various locations in the USA every year, various locations in China, Japan etc.)

In the last 4 years we have developed the CDD5 and now the universally applicable CDD6 including a new handset with Computec in Italy, manufacturer of door drives. At the same time, the IP54 protected Dunker motors and the SIBONI 1 Nm DC motor with encoder came onto the market.

Rudolf Grob, Tristan Müller

The CDD handset is a key pad that, when connected to a compatible door drive controller (see list below) allows to:

  1. View and modify the functional parameters (for further details please refer to door drive manual)
  2. Checking alarms and diagnostic parameters (for further details please refer to door drive manual)
  3. Upgrade the door drive controller’s software using a USB key
  4. Upgrade the handset firmware using a USB key

Other compatible door drives

When connecting to a door operator control type other than CDD6, the procedure changes

slightly depending on the different door drive controller connected to the handset, but the main points are the same.

Computec door drive CDD6


The CDD6 is a general-purpose door drive. It’s able to drive DC brushed and brushless motors up to 40V with or without encoder feedback.

It’s support both standard EN81-20 and EN81-1, selectable by software.



Zagro AG Handelsvertretungen, CH-8142 Uitikon  



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