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SafeLine Thor

The power of open solutions in your hands – how SafeLine is reinventing their CANopen-Lift controller

Upon its release to the lift market in 2017, THOR became an instant success with its modern controls and versatility. Building upon this success, SafeLine and THOR Engineering is now preparing the third version of the controller – with a full touch screen.

Miniature displays, stiff button controls and printed text all over the place.

Lift controllers as they used to be, were not only hard to use, but also time-consuming and restricting the flow of information. With THOR – SafeLine and THOR Engineering embarked upon the mission to change just this – envisioning a user-friendly, modern and CANopen-Lift compatible device. What solution they came up with? A future-proof touch control screen – combining the best of their knowledge in classic lift controllers with the innovations of the 21st century.

A global movement for CANopen-Lift

From its initial release to the market in 2017, THOR has become a big success for SafeLine with over 2500 units sold globally, growing an average of 20-30% per year and even reaching all the way across the oceans to both Australia and the US. Something that says quite a lot when talking about the quickly growing CANopen-Lift market.

 It is both technically and functionally very advanced, but what sets it apart is really the groundwork. Often you have controllers adapted afterwards for CANopen-Lift, but with THOR we built it from scratch fully devoted to it, something that makes it unique, says Lars Gustafsson, developer at SafeLine and co-founder of THOR Engineering.

One might think that after four years since launch, development and support for the project might have slowed down – but this couldn’t be further away from the truth. Several modifications and different add-ons have been launched over the years, and development is in full progress to strip away the remaining buttons from THOR – leaving users with just one entire touch screen, adding an extra half-inch. Meaning even greater possibilities for future features being implemented over time, as well as improved touch controls.



Improved visibility – improved usage

It’s a larger and more modern display, with a higher resolution and better contrast. The touch screen’s sensibility has been improved significantly as well, thanks to the uniform bottom plate in aluminum. In removing all the physical buttons, we also ensured better usage for our customers when turning the unit to portrait or even up-side down, depending on the narrow space you have for the controller, leaving them in charge of how they want to shape THOR.  

Besides the modifications that are being made to the hardware, SafeLine has also been working hard on implementing full cloud support for THOR, letting users stay connected to their lift controllers wherever they are in the world.

When embarking upon your SafeLine journey, this is exactly the kind of support you can expect from us over the years. We are not interested in just selling you a product, we are interested in building a long-lasting relationship with you, where we guide you to safer and more innovative lift safety, says Geert Maurissen, Group Managing Director for the SafeLine Group.

SafeLine Group AB,
SE-135 48 Tyresö

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