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Author: Ulrike Götz

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Safety through lift sensors

Title Image: The 3D sensor IMS 100 Pro reliably detects approaching passengers and opens the closing door, thereby enhancing both the comfort and efficiency of the elevator.

Never lose sight of safety with IMS 100 Pro Sensor

The invention of the passenger elevator gave skyscrapers a real lift, literally opening up new horizons for all of us. Today, instead of a bellhop, innovative sensors ensure passenger safety when getting in and out of an elevator.

Pushbutton operation basically made them obsolete: Bellboys. They were responsible for transporting elevator passengers from one floor to the next and for ensuring compliance with safety regulations. If someone wanted to jump into the elevator at the last second, it was the bellhop’s job to stop them – or if need be the elevator. But how do modern-day passenger elevators solve this problem? A conventional light barrier, as installed in most elevators, only secures the door section of the elevator. It detects objects, such as feet, hands or bags, only when they are already between the elevator doors. It is not only annoying when the door closes right in front of your nose, there is also a high risk of accidents as the closing elevator door only opens when sufficient counter-pressure is provided. The consequences are injuries or – just as serious – damage to the object in question or the elevator door. However, help is now on hand thanks to the new IMS 100 Pro sensor, which monitors the space IN FRONT OF the cab.


Relaunch for more safety

After its foundation in 1986, the company quickly became the global leader in elevator sensors. Its entrance area monitoring sensor supplements existing light curtains at automatic elevator doors by detecting and monitoring the space in front of the cab up to an installation height of 2.5 m. If a person or object approaches the closing elevator door, the sensor, unlike a light curtain, detects them and opens the door again. This helps to prevent injuries to passengers and expensive damage to objects and/or the door. In a hospital, for example, the sensor can prevent collisions with beds.


Innovation for more performance

A conventional solution for detecting objects and people in front of an elevator are known as 3D light curtain systems. In addition to the usual 2D protective field between the two strips, they offer an additional 3D detection field. The disadvantages of these systems are:

  • The detection field decreases significantly faster compared to the IMS 100 Pro
  • Only suitable for dynamic installation
  • The detection field is often restricted by the initially closing shaft door
  • The systems are more sensitive to ambient light

These disadvantages can be overcome simply and more safely using the IMS 100 Pro.

The new IMS 100 Pro utilises TOF technology (TOF – Time of Flight), which means it can distinguish between a person and the closing doors. The 3D sensor IMS 100 Pro is the new edition of the tried and tested IMS 100 NT. Its fully overhauled technology guarantees significantly better performance even in difficult operating environments, such as those fitted with highly reflective surfaces.


Good just got better

But the all-new IMS 100 Pro is not only characterised by improved safety features. Since cab capacity is utilised better and the door opening time reduced, the new sensor ensures much greater efficiency and, therefore, more sustainable operation. It is suitable for both centre and side opening elevators. Various mounting accessories ensure easy installation. Its advanced algorithms allow installation without any programming or configuration. Initial start-up is extremely simple using the plug-and-play method, without having to tamper with the elevator control system. It can be easily integrated into existing door safety systems, making it the ideal sensor for both retrofitting and new build projects. The new «comfort sensor» IMS 100 Pro will be available from the beginning of May – and can also be purchased in the brand-new webshop.

lift report magazin

Title: The 3D camera sensor IMS 100 Pro in a compact housing

lift report magazin

Unlike conventional 3D light curtain systems, IMS 100 Pro detects people and objects at an early stage.

lift report magazin

IMS 100 Pro remains active until the door is closed.


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